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Queens, NY-born, Nigerian-American MC and producer, AKINYEMI, is a dynamic storyteller blending skillful lyricism with unmatched energy on stage. A multi-disciplinary artist, his imagination transcends mediums through all facets of creative, from engineering and producing songs to directing, editing, and coloring his visuals.

Growing up, music was a constant in the AKINYEMI household with his parents introducing the family to their favorite West African music while his older brother, DJ Zeke, made his own lane in NY’s hip-hop scene. AKINYEMI’s intentional flows and sophisticated instrumentation infuse the two cultures, absorbing the syncopation and intricacies from West African music with the drive and resiliency of NY hip-hop. AKINYEMI’s artistry blurs genre lines. “With contemplative lyricism and a fresh sound, AKINYEMI is pioneering the next generation of rap” (Earmilk).

AKINYEMI’s recent singles have gained attention from the likes of Billboard, Lyrical Lemonade, Ebro on Apple Music 1, and synced with Pepsi, NFL, ESPN, Capital One, Amazon, & more. His 2021 debut mixtape, REBORN, delivers complex cadences on themes of growth, self-worth, self-care, and connection, earning widespread acclaim from Office Magazine, Vice, NPR, Lyrical Lemonade, Highsnobiety, Wonderland, and Huffington Post. AKINYEMI supported artists on NY tour stops including Cordae, Leikeli47, Berhana, Johan Lenox, and Ace Hood.

AKINYEMI is the recipient of the 2022 ASCAP Peggy Lee Songwriter Award, 2019 ASCAP Harold Adamson Lyric Award for Best Songwriter, and 2018 and 2019 OneBeat Fellow.

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As an independent artist himself, AKINYEMI’s mission is to share valuable insights and build genuine connections with his community. He is able to connect with his audience beyond the music through his podcast, lifestyle, and behind the scenes content.

1.5+ million YouTube Views

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Top Cities:

1. New York

2. Denver

3. Los Angeles

4. Chicago

5. Seattle

6. São Paulo

7. Phoenix

8. Toronto, CA

9. Portland

10. Sydney, AU




Tobe Nwigwe

Tierra Whack


Kenny Mason


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“AKINYEMI does and can do it all.” - Ones To Watch

“Nigerian-American artist AKINYEMI creates music at the intersection of his first-generation immigrant experience and New York City upbringing, reflected in his commanding verses and genre-bending aesthetic.” - Flaunt Magazine

“The skillful rap ability of AKINYEMI...carries with it a duality and an important message that asks for more thoughtful intention towards the idea of taking care of yourself.” - Lyrical Lemonade

“With each bar he creates a sense of ambition and determination, sharing wisdom beyond his years…With contemplative lyricism and a fresh sound, AKINYEMI is pioneering the next generation of rap.” - Earmilk

"One’s ears soon grow accustomed to the distinct cadence that AKINYEMI presents to his audience.” - Village Voice

"It doesn’t hurt that Akinyemi has a monumental stage-presence that even many veteran artists can’t compete with" - Office magazine


AKINYEMI is not new to music. There have been many different iterations of AKINYEMI and through the years, his sound has shapeshifted and his stories evolved. But in order to know how far he’s come, it’s important to know where he came from. That’s why AKINYEMI is re-releasing his first ever project, summers, originally released in 2017.

The EP showcases AKINYEMI’s raw lyrical abilities through honest storytelling about being bullied, empty bank accounts, and feeling trapped. The EP serves as a journal entry of seven acts, freeing AKINYEMI from the outside forces that controlled him and becoming autonomous over his future.


Feb 6

1st single & MV

“dust calling”


April 2

2nd single & MV



April 16

3rd single “winter”


EP Available on EVEN


summers EP



MAY 11

Show in LA


May 14


[live from la casita]

May 21

“asylum” MV


AKINYEMI’s introspective storytelling coupled with lush, otherworldly production establish AKINYEMI as a force to be reckoned with in his new single “solo.” Following recent releases “a kid with an atlas” and “good days,” AKINYEMI continues to explore his identity through his thought-provoking lyricism. A fiercely independent artist, AKINYEMI sings over celestial guitar, “tentative talks on my future, they love to talk I ain’t choose ‘em though.” Independence is a theme throughout the song as he builds his roots as an independent artist and entrepreneur often wearing multiple hats. AKINYEMI states, “people are constantly saying what they think my career should be...but I’m very self-aware and focused on my career so I don’t have to rely on them to advance my career. ‘solo’ is about how the path I chose won't always be understood.”


AKINYEMI states, a kid with an atlas is “a letter to a younger version of myself. As a kid, I would look at the giant map on the wall next to my bed & dream about being anywhere but home.” This is for the first-generation kids who chose a different path than what their parents saw for them. A video of this song went viral on TikTok amassing over 14.5 mil views. This song won ASCAP’s Peggy Lee Songwriter Award, making AKINYEMI the first rapper to receive this prestigious award.